Educational Strategy

Carteret Catch Educational Strategy, 2012

Purpose Statement
Identify specific educational objectives in carrying out the mission of Carteret Catch
Educate the county’s residents and visitors about the seasonal availability of local seafood
  • Distribution of existing Seafood Availability Charts, Local Catch Wallet Cards, and Quality Counts Posters through our presence in local and regional festivals
  • Access of information though our web site and social media
  • Links to Sea Grant web site
Raise consumer awareness of local seafood to increase demand for it at restaurants and at seafood retail outlets
  • Presence at local and regional festivals and events
  • NC Seafood Festival Cooking with the Chefs: A North Carolina Seafood Experience
  • Eco Fair at Swansboro
  • Core Sound Waterfowl Weekend
  • Participation through NC Catch at State Fair in Raleigh
  • Electronic Newsletter
  • Advertising
  • Postcards, flags, static decals, displays at visitor centers and NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores
  • Billboards
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Web Site and Social Media
  • Publicity outlets
  • Articles in Business Journal
  • Articles in Carteret NewsTimes
  • Radio interviews
  • Providing Carteret Catch flags and white boards to member restaurants and seafood retail outlets
Raise consumer awareness of state and federal regulations that promote species sustainability, seafood quality and safety
  • Electronic newsletter with hard copy available upon request
  • Web Site links and through social media information
  • NOAA Fish Watch
  • NC Division of Marine Fisheries
  • NC Sea Grant
  • University of California at Davis Seafood Information
  • NC Shellfish Sanitation
Showcase the heritage of local fishermen and show how it sustains the coastal community dependent on commercial fishing for a livelihood
  • Participation through exhibits and events
  • Streaming videos on web site
  • Carteret Catch You Tube Channel videos
  • Social Media
Educate local fishermen and seafood dealers about strategies to better promote their products to consumers
  • Relevant speakers at Carteret Catch annual meeting
  • Distribution of information on workshop and seminar events and online videos
  • Establishing partnerships with local, state, federal, and regional organizations

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